Too much latitude in Nmtoken characters?

Rick Jelliffe ricko at
Mon Jul 14 07:34:11 BST 1997

> This seems to allow Nmtokens that aren't visible to the human eye,
> for example, consisting of a single zero width non-joiner.

I think XML name tokens are better detected by exclusion not inclusion:
is a sensible way when you have to deal with lots of potential naming 
characters.  In other words, you detect the end of the name by the 
presence of a sepchar or a delimiter, rather than by testing if each
character is a name character. At the reading end, such simple 
token-detection is all that is needed if your document is well formed.

To stop silly tags, the SGML declaration should have ZWNJ character
(which I think has to do with cursive operation of arabic scripts, 
and is as much required as accent characters) NAMECHAR not NAMESTRT.
So, in context, ZWNJ and RTL & LTR have visible effects.  They are not
usually undetectable.   But it is better to allow silly tags than 
disallow native-language markup: only about 1/4 of the world can make
sense of English/Latin tags. 

Apparantly the WG is waiting till August to finialise the naming

Rick Jelliffe

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