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Christina Portillo Alice.Portillo at
Tue Jul 15 17:18:03 BST 1997

I am new to the list and have some basic questions on the use of
ISO10646 that may have already been answered.

Has there been any discussion on how the mapping of the current
character sets in use will be mapped to the ISO10646? 

In the current SGML ATA documents being generated by Boeing there is
GRK3, ISO AMSO, ISO AMSC, and ISO LAT1 in order to access all the
required characters referenced in the manuals being produced in SGML.

My questions are:
1. How are the software vendors (browser, parser, authoring) planning on
supporting documents which utilize the UNICODE character set?

2. a) Can all the characters referenced in ISO LAT,1 positions 0-256, be
referenced in the document without benefit of escape codes? 

2. b) What about positions 0-125? 

2. c) Must the characters above 126 be escaped?

3. At what point in the ISO10646 character set must escaping be
instituted in order to reference a character within the set?

4. Has anyone mapped the ISO TECH, ISO PUB, ISO NUM, ISO GRK1, ISO BOX,
ISO GRK3, ISO AMSO, and ISO AMSC to the UNICODE equivalent escape codes?

5. How does SHUNCHAR set to NONE in the XML SGML DECLARATION interplay
with Char, Letters, Ignorable and other character class definitions? Has
the character class IGNORABLE taken care of this problem?

Christina Portillo
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