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Michael Leventhal michael at
Thu Jul 17 12:17:30 BST 1997

At 08:16 AM 7/15/97 -0700, Christina Portillo wrote:
>My questions are:
>1. How are the software vendors (browser, parser, authoring) planning on
>supporting documents which utilize the UNICODE character set?

1.  Grif has implemented UNICODE 2.0 in the current versions of its Korean
and Japanese
    SGML editor and UNICODE will be incorporated in the next release of our
    SGML Editor product.

2.  We have rewritten the standard C string and character processing
functions and
    macros to handle UNICODE.  (The GNU license effectively prohibits use
of the
    GNU library in commercial products.  We also felt that the GNU
    would not have been adequate.) 

3.  Internally we use the UCS-2 16 bit character encoding and use
translation routines
    to read other encodings.

4.  Currently, UNICODE versions of the product only work under Windows '95 and
    NT, although the base library interfaces are platform independent.

5.  Symposia, our HTML editor and our first product which will be released
    support for XML is also being upgraded to use UCS-2 16 bit encoding
    Currently it handles UTF-8 ASCII and ISO-8859 but will translate
anything over
    127 to a character entity on keystroke entry.

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