(NXP)/Java/XML parser : Passing Error Information

Jim Gindling jimg at digitalthink.com
Thu Jun 5 01:46:11 BST 1997


I am very happy to hear that you are thinking about adding better error
notification to NXP.  I like your suggestion of adding callback methods to
the "Esis" interface for error notification.  However, I would really like
the interfaces defined such that we can throw exceptions from these
notification methods, which would then bubble up to the place where the
parser is invoked.

For example, I suggest methods similar to the following be added to the
"Esis" interface:
	public void onWarning(ErrorInfo pInfo) throws ParseException

Then modify XMLParser.startParsing() so that it also throws ParseException.

ErrorInfo should contain all relevant information, such as file name, line
number, column number, ...  Maybe it makes sense to have a hierarchy of
ErrorInfo classes for different types of errors.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks again for making such a wonderful tool available to the XML community.


>NXP, as of today, simply prints error messages to Stderr.
>This is fine for now, but it is certainly not the best
>way to do things.
>There was a suggestion made to me, to throw
>an exception, but I think exceptions are not
>the best solution as recovery from them is practically
>not possible (From the level of the application
>To my understanding there are several classes
>of errors that can be passed along
>1.) Warnings
>2.) WF violations
>3.) Violations with respect to the DTD
>4.) In general these errors that are reportable - if the user wishes
>Should they be handled differently ?
>I was thinking in terms of "callback" functions. Like
>I do it right now with the "Esis" interface.
>How would you, as the user/developer community envision
>handling this.
>What information would you like to have passed along
>to an application ? Error code, textual description (what
>about localization ..).
>Best regards,
>Norbert H. Mikula
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