Microsoft XML Parser in Java is Available

Jean Paoli jeanpa at
Sat Jun 7 05:50:11 BST 1997

ANNOUNCEMENT: Microsoft XML Parser in Java is Available

I am *really* pleased to announce :

The XML Parser in Java (MSXML) from Microsoft Corporation is now
available for download from:

This is the second piece of XML technology from Microsoft, the first
the Channel Definition Format support in Internet Explorer 4.0.

The Microsoft XML Parser is a validating XML parser written in Java. 
Once parsed, the XML document is exposed as a tree through a simple set
of Java methods. 
We are actively working with the W3C to standardize an XML API
(See the W3C overview page for the Document Object Model 
The DSSSL/grove Object Model is carefully studied by the DOM group).

These methods support reading and/or writing XML structures, such as the
Channel Definition Format (CDF) or other text formats based on XML. 

This version (Alpha 1.0) of the parser implements the W3C working draft
of the XML specification dated March 31, 1997
( and will be revised to reflect
future W3C changes to the specifications.

The following components of the XML spec have not yet been implemented
(but will be soon) : 

		*	XML-SPACE (for control over white space
		*	XML encoding declaration (<?XML
		*	Conditional sections in the DTD (INCLUDE &
IGNORE keywords)
		*	Required Markup Declaration 'RMD'

Full source code is provided, royalty free, and will be updated
frequently to fix bugs 
and to reflect future W3C changes to the specifications.(read the
Microsoft XML Parser in Java license agreement

Bugs should be sent to Istvan Cseri (istvanc at or Chris
Lovett (clovett at

Enjoy, and let us make XML a success story!

-Jean Paoli
jeanpa at

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