Microsoft XML Parser in Java is Available

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Sat Jun 7 07:16:09 BST 1997


In message <78DFE33066ABD0118B9200805FD431BA5EC1EB at> Jean Paoli writes:
> ANNOUNCEMENT: Microsoft XML Parser in Java is Available
> I am *really* pleased to announce :

I am *really* pleased to read your announcement! (and am replying even
before downloading your parser).  This will be a tremendous boost towards
an API for XML-* modules and their interoperation.  I shan't go back to
bed until I have looked at it!
> Full source code is provided, royalty free, and will be updated
> frequently to fix bugs 
> and to reflect future W3C changes to the specifications.(read the

This is a very constructive and laudable approach.

> Microsoft XML Parser in Java license agreement
> Bugs should be sent to Istvan Cseri (istvanc at or Chris
> Lovett (clovett at
> Enjoy, and let us make XML a success story!

I am very pleased that this has been announced on XML-DEV as it encourages
us all to promote an open approach to software development.


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