XML Java API Standardization

John Tigue jtigue at datachannel.com
Thu Jun 19 03:28:18 BST 1997

Now that the number of XML processor implementations is increasing
rapidly, I would like to continue the subject of API standardization. I
have written a document which discusses the issue and presents an
informal proposal which continues the discussion of API standardization
for Java.

The document is located at:

The first goal is to find a lowest common denominator for the current
implementations and abstract that to a set of interfaces such that a
developer could use this new API independent of an underlying
implementation of the XML processor and/or invest in learning the
particular benefits a specific implementation provides.

I hope the site will serve as a convenience to the community and I will
maintain it as a summary of what is going on in this list. Any feedback
would be greatly appreciated. This is a work in progress. The greater
the contributions, the better it will serve its purpose.

John Tigue
jtigue at datachannel.com
DataChannel (http://www.datachannel.com)

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