XML Java API Standardization

Alex Milowski lex at www.copsol.com
Thu Jun 19 19:21:55 BST 1997

> Alex Milowski wrote:
> > ...it would be ideal if XML processors could produce a grove...
> Alex,
> Do you mean that the only output of an XML parser would be a grove?

Well, no, not necessarily.  I think that such an API standardization should
also standardize grove production/use.  I would like to be able to 
guarantee that any conformant XML/Java/API environment is able to produce
groves if I *need* them.

> My use of XML is very lightweight and, from my position of minimal
> knowledge about groves, seems like I would have to pay some
> price in processing time or system resources for an XML parser to
> produce a grove for one of my "documents" when some very simple
> output would do.

Yes, you pay *some* price.  There is a point in which the grove-based
processing paradigm is far more efficient than event oriented for more complex
tasks.  The definition of "more complex" isn't that big of a leap.  Simply
put:  If you want to do *any* non-linear processing of XML, you are going to
find groves *far* easier and potentially, with SDQL (Standard Document
Query Language -- from DSSSL), it may be more efficient than building
ancillary data structures in addition to the events being received.

In a previous e-mail, I detailed an API architecture that I think would
work.  Essentially, it is DSSSLTK with another couple of APIs on the
bottom of the stack.  In my development, I made the design decision that 
groves were what I needed to standardize since everything in DSSSL is groves.
I'm certain willing to add to this and standardize everything before that
as well.

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