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Jon Bosak bosak at atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Mar 3 01:16:54 GMT 1997

As most of you know, the World Wide Web conference in Santa Clara
(April 7-11) is a major event for XML and DSSSL.  The XML-link draft
spec will be announced, and the Web community will for the first time
be made aware that alternative delivery strategies for structured
documents are becoming a possibility.  In addition to a report on the
SGML Activity in the W3C track during the conference itself, there is
going to be a full-day workshop on structured document delivery on the
Monday beginning the conference week and a full-day session on XML and
DSSSL during Developer's Day on the Friday of that week.

Another basic component of this introduction to structured document
alternatives will be a forum in which experimenters and companies
taking an early lead in XML or DSSSL can demonstrate their products
and projects.  Early in conference planning I arranged with the WWW6
coordinators to hold open Thursday evening for a session that would
showcase current efforts for the relatively small but important subset
of conference attendees actively involved in Web development.  Now
it's time to see just who intends to be there and what they will need
in the way of facilities so that an appropriate room assignment can be

If you or your organization have an XML- or DSSSL-related product or
technology to present at the conference -- an XML parser, an XML
editor, a DSSSL browser, or what-have-you -- please send me a message
with the following information:

   Name of organization (if any)

   Contact information for responsible person

   Description of product or technology for my information

   Description of product or technology for public announcement (if
   different from above -- please be clear about what can and can't
   be stated publicly)

   Facilities needed to demonstrate the technology (e.g., lcd
   projector, Internet connection)

   Whether you or a person from your organization will be
   demonstrating the technology or whether you want someone else to
   demonstrate it in your absence (I can't make any guarantees in the
   latter case, but I'll see what can be arranged)

Try to have this information to me by Sunday evening, March 9, so that
I can make room arrangements and public announcements.  If you contact
me after that time, I will make every effort to accommodate you, but
it may not be possible to fit you into the schedule.  Unless you tell
me otherwise, I will assume that it is OK to include a description of
your product or project in public announcements and on the conference
Web site.  If you are among the half-dozen people who indicated to me
earlier that you intended to have something to demonstrate, please
send me a message anyway to confirm your intention and provide the
information I need in a uniform format.

For maximum coverage I am posting this message to both the sgml-wg and
xml-dev lists.  Please use the xml-dev list for followups, if any.  I
will post a summary of what I've received to the xml-dev list at the
beginning of next week.


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