XML API specification

Gavin Nicol gtn at ebt.com
Mon Mar 3 14:05:31 GMT 1997

>>This kind of argument went on in VRML and was wisely rejected.
>>The commitment to a CORBA IDL is a commitment to a syntax for the spec
>>and not a lot else.
>If Gavin's information is correct (and I assume it to be so) this is false.
>IDL means that we get language-specific bindings for several languages
>including Java and C++, simply by applyiing an automated tool. So there are
>concrete technical advantages to using IDL, though we must apply those
>tools for the programmers, so that I don't have to find an IDL tool to use
>XML with my Java codebase.

JAVA, C, C++, ADA (and if you use ILU, a whole lot more)

>> The commitment to JAVA for implementation
>>is only a commitment to a slow language.
>Again, verifiably false. There is no reason that native-code Java compilers
>cannot exist. Languages aren't slow -- implementations are. Something you
>learn sometime in your first 2 years of college...

There is already an i86 native code compiler, and I hear that the
FSF is working on incorporating JAVA into GCC.

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