Associating DSSSL style sheets with documents

Jon Bosak bosak at atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Mar 6 05:02:26 GMT 1997

[Edward C. Zimmermann:]

| The problem with using .dsl as the map from the URL .extension is that
| if one has a class of documents built around a DTD and that has a
| DSSSL "style sheet" then one will either need to have a front-end
| server to manage this whole bit (why) or fill the place with symbollic
| links.. The problem with both are that proxy caches will get filled
| with redundant bits... Why not use the DTD URL as base?

Although we're in the habit of thinking this way, there is in fact no
one-to-one correspondence between stylesheets and DTDs.  It is
possible to write a catch-all stylesheet that will work with documents
written to a number of DTDs, and conversely it's not only possible but
often desirable to create a number of stylesheets that are all
designed to work with documents written to a single DTD.

And then there's the fact that DTDs are optional in XML...


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