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This article was posted on comp.text.sgml.  I have replied there in general
terms, but think there is sufficient ambiguity in the draft that discussion
here may be useful.  (I am struggling over parameter substitution at present).


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           "Eric Baatz - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS" writes:

 > I've been looking over the 14-Nov-96 XML working draft and
 > 1. I don't understand why XML's QuotedCData seems to allow
 >    constructs that look like references but aren't.  (I am
 >    assuming that such constructs would make life difficult
 >    for parsers.)  For example:
 >      "&fooref;"
 >    seems to be legal by applying the [^"<] part of the following
 >    eight times.
 >      QuotedCData := '"' ([^"<] | Reference)* '"' ...
 >    Is the XML draft not stating some restriction, such as "if it
 >    looks like a reference, it must be a reference"?
 > 2. Is there a better place (perhaps more specific to XML) for me
 >    to post XML queries such as #1?
 > Thank you in advance for any help.
 > Eric Baatz
 > Sun Microsystems Laboratories
 > 2 Elizabeth Drive, MS UCHL03-207                 (508) 442-0257
 > Chelmsford, MA 01824                        fax: (508) 250-5067
 > USA                                    Internet: eric.baatz at east.sun.com

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