Which style first ? Re: Associating DSSSL style sheets with documents

ksaito at flab.fujitsu.co.jp ksaito at flab.fujitsu.co.jp
Mon Mar 10 07:17:57 GMT 1997

lee at sq.com wrote...

>I did not mean to imply that NOTATION was not a good thing to use
>in conjunction with an entity in SGML.

I'm sorry, I missunderstood your previous mail. 

>I wanted to point out that it is used for two different purposes.
>First, it is used to identify the type of the entity.
>Second, it is often used to specify how to process the entity.

My idea is uses NOTATION as second purpose.

>In any case, I would not expect an arbitrary style sheet to be
>referred to as an SGML entity unless, as in James' example, you
>want to refer to it explicitly in a document.

No no, I don't want to refer in document. I want to refer from DTD.
Many of DSSSL style-sheet will be depend on DTD, I think. I want to
put style-sheet entity declearation on DTD.

>A style sheet is not normally part of the actual document itself.

About well-formed XML document which has no DTD, it is not so bad
that such document has style-sheet or pointer to style-sheet for
portability, I think.

>If yuo want to link from a document to style sheet, you could
>reasonably (I think) use processing instructions.

I think PI is not good solution. When I write style-sheet as PI,
I can only one style-sheet type. And since PI has no attribute or
notation, application can't recognize notaion of PI.

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