Associating DSSSL style sheets with documents

Eve L. Maler elm at
Fri Mar 14 18:14:28 GMT 1997

At 10:57 AM 3/11/97 +0700, James Clark wrote:
>At 12:24 10/03/97 EST, lee at wrote:
>>Of course, it'd have to be
>><?XML-STYLE ....?>
>>for XML, no?
>Well, this is something that is applicable to SGML in general not just to
>XML. Since <?xml-stylesheet is no more reserved than <?stylesheet in SGML, I
>would rather use simply <?stylesheet for SGML.  A general-purpose SGML
>browser should probably make the keyword user configurable.

This is interesting: Should an XML effort determine a PI that should be
usable in general by SGML documents?  I tend to think that the "authority"
that invents/maintains the format of the PI should be identified, and "XML"
sort of fits the bill, similarly to <?SO.  We did say that the first name
token in a PI functions as a sort of notation.  It would be weird for an
XML spec to specify <?stylesheet .

I've also been beating the drum on the WG list about how our PIs should
have "GIs" as well as "attribute specs," so I'd prefer to see <?XML
stylesheet att1="val1" att2="val2"... ?>.  This way, "<?XML" targets the PI
so that it will be processed by an XML-aware processor, and the rest
identifies the semantics of the instruction.


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