Revised workshop: "XML: Where do we go from here?"

Jon Bosak bosak at atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Mar 14 20:32:52 GMT 1997

The WWW6 workshop formerly titled "Delivery of Structured Documents
over the Web" has been reorganized in light of recent announcements.

Already driven by a rapidly growing set of implementations developed
by individual experimenters, XML reached critical mass with the
announcement this week of industry initiatives using XML as an
enabling technology [1,2,3].  Now that XML seems assured a place in
the pantheon of Internet standards, the question is, where do we go
from here?

This workshop will explore a variety of topics based on the interests
of people actively working with XML.  Representative topics include:

   APIs for XML parsers
   The role of Java in XML
   Is the grove concept helpful?
   Enabling a new authoring experience
   XML and Web objects
   XML stylesheets: CSS, DSSSL, or both?
   XML/HTML integration

The workshop format will be a series of short presentations, one per
participant, with a period of discussion following each presentation.
The workshop will begin with a review of recent developments and an
orientation to the larger picture that includes XML syntax, XML
linking, scripting languages, and stylesheets.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore future directions and offer
XML experimenters an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

There are still places available in this workshop for qualified
participants.  Note that you must register for the workshop separately
from the rest of the conference; for details, see

If you are interested in participating in the XML workshop, please
send a 1-2 paragraph summary of a topic that you would like to present

   jon.bosak at

The workshop materials are due immediately, so a response by Monday
morning, March 16, is required for presentations that will be archived
on the conference CD.


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