Associating DSSSL style sheets with documents

Norbert H. Mikula nmikula at
Thu Mar 20 07:32:32 GMT 1997

Jon Bosak wrote:
> | > <?XML-stylesheet type="text/dsssl" href="foo.dsl"?>
> |
> | I think that's ok, but it also creates a pain in
> | my stomache. Does it it mean I have to fetch the stylessheet
> | each time for each document instance ?
> I was assuming (naively?) that the target of the href would be cached
> just like the target of any other URL.

I think my suggestion with the (formal) public identifier is
more general. Your suggestion would work of course, but
if we have two URLs, for instance, and, they could be the same
stylesheet but they don't *have* to be. 

Also extracting the stylesheet name as such wouldn't be the
best solution (foo.dsl) as there also might be ambiguities.
Your foo.dsl is not necessarily my foo.dsl.

However, if I cache "-//NHM//FOO STYLE//EN", then especially with 
formal public idents, I (normally) wouldn't have these problems.

Right ?
Best regards,
Norbert H. Mikula

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