Associating DSSSL style sheets with documents

Jon Bosak bosak at atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Mar 20 16:57:10 GMT 1997

[Norbert Mikula:]

| > | > <?XML-stylesheet type="text/dsssl" href="foo.dsl"?>
| > |
| > | I think that's ok, but it also creates a pain in
| > | my stomache. Does it it mean I have to fetch the stylessheet
| > | each time for each document instance ?
| > 
| > I was assuming (naively?) that the target of the href would be cached
| > just like the target of any other URL.
| I think my suggestion with the (formal) public identifier is
| more general. Your suggestion would work of course, but
| if we have two URLs, for instance, and
|, they could be the same
| stylesheet but they don't *have* to be. 

Remember, all I was asking for in the first place was input into how
some of us could start doing this on an experimental basis.  It isn't
up to this group to develop a standard solution; that's the job of the
W3C SGML working group.  I think that the form above will work for an
initial experiment, and unless someone sees a basic problem with it,
that's what I'm going to try.


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