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Jon Bosak bosak at atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Mar 29 01:23:59 GMT 1997

Here (in no particular order) is the list of demos I have lined up for
the implementor's session in the XML track on Developer's Day at the
World Wide Web conference (April 11, 1997) in Santa Clara.  Please let
me know immediately if anything has occurred to prevent your

I will be sending further details by direct mail this weekend.

   ArborText               XML editor
   Grif                    XML editor
   Inso                    XML converter, Web server, and local browser
   Open Molecule Fndtn.    XML processor/renderer
   Sun Microsystems        XML Web site
   ICL                     XML server
   Fujitsu Laboratories    XML/DSSSL browser
   Tim Bray                XML parser
   Norbert Mikula          XML parser, DSSSL engine
   RivCom                  XML Netscape plug-in
   Univ. of Edinburgh      XML tools, DSSSL syntax checker
   Kevin Grimes            XML processor

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