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>> >> 3. The syntax for dates and so on should match some ISO standard,
>> >>    but I haven't found which one yet.
>> >
>> >Do you mean you there are several and you haven't decided between them?
>> >I thought that people had converged on a single one (I can't remember
>> >the number, it's something like 8601).
>> I mean I spent half an hour poking around the Web and didn't come
>> up with anything right away.  If someone will send me a pointer to
>> the standard syntax, I'll put it in the draft.
>ISO 8601.  Being ISO it isn't on the WWW, but there is a very concise
>summary which I found at  - just look
>for ISO8601 in the search engine.

You will find an article on this standard at:
"A Summary of the International Standard Date
and Time Notation" by Markus Kuhn  
With other links at the end of this article. The link mentionned to Gary
Houston text doesn't work, try this one:

The official source is in the ISO catalogue at:

ISO 8601:1988
Data elements and interchange formats -- Information interchange --
Representation of dates and

Edition: 1 (monolingual) 
Number of pages: 14
Price code: G
ICS: 01.140.30
Descriptors: calendar dates, data representation, documentation, hours
(time), information interchange

Technical Corrigendum 1:1991 to ISO 8601:1988

Number of pages: 1

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