Strong Typing in SGML and XML

Murata Makoto murata at
Thu May 8 03:48:24 BST 1997

Peter Murray-Rust writes:
>Tim Bray (ERB) has been looking for a RE tools for XML.  The point is (I
>think, Tim) that they're not trivial to write and that it's critical that
>everyone uses the same one.  So we don't want to build into XML a RE that
>isn't easily available.  If someone says, 'here's one in 
>Java/C/Scheme/what/ever' that has no copyright restrictions, I think we'd
>make progress.

There is a great tool called Grail, developed by Darrell Raymond and 
Derick Wood.  Grail is available from the URL as below:

One of the advantages of Grail is that you can modify the syntax of 
regular expressions.

However, Grail is not free (see below).

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Is Grail free?

No, Grail is not free. 

We don't charge scholars, students, or researchers for the use of Grail, and we don't charge people who simply want to play with it to satisfy their own curiosity. 

But no commercial use of Grail is permitted without our prior, express, written consent. No part of Grail may be included in a commercial product or used on a commercial problem without our prior, express, written consent. 

It's not that we have something against people making money---we just want to make sure that those who benefit financially from using Grail put some small part of that benefit back into the development and support of Grail. 

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