XML & Entities inclusion against Inline Tag facilities.

Alexandre Mutel amutel at ifhamy.insa-lyon.fr
Thu May 22 09:09:32 BST 1997


   In XML specs (like SGML features), they talk about entities inclusions in
   a document... Something like:

   <!DOCTYPE book [
	<!ELEMENT book (#PCDATA) >
	<!ENTITY  including SYSTEM "http://server1.com/index.txt">

   Okay,they say that with XML-SGML a document can be built with document-part-
   included using entities facilities.
   HTML doesn't make use of external entities but it can do inline image through
   some tag... In XML specs i doesn't see any reference to TAG or special attri-
   butes that can handle inclusion of document component (text,image,object).

   I would like to know :
	- if in the future, we 'll only use external entities to include a
	  document component ?
	- anyelse, does XML will support special attributes for Tag to specify
	  that this Tag with this attributes can include something?
	- or does this feature will be hardcoded in a browser, making the same
	  mistake than HTML?


Mutel Alexandre.
email: amutel at ifhamy.insa-lyon.fr

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