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	I don't know whether they have all gone to the list, but *I* got three
copies of this announcement :-)	More generally, this list is for XML 
developers and this post doesn't 
relate directly to XML.  [I did have a long and useful chat with Liora at 
SGML97 and so I know that she and other HL7 people are very interested in
XML, and of course she has done a first class job of publicising it.  One
immediate concern is the multiple namespace/DTD fragment/information object/
concern.]  Jon Bosak mentioned two weeks ago that there were movements to 
create an XML interest group (?comp.text.xml?) and I'd be happy to see that.  
Presumably it would require the USENET voting process?


	Since I'm posting to the list anyway, I have been investigating
how to use NXP as a tool for turning JUMBO into a validating editor.  I
think I'm nearly there and will be posting back to Norbert what is required 
as an API.  One thing that I need very clearly back from both Lark and 
NXP is an error flag - 'parse this, please',  'sorry, error'.  The final
'result' will be a tree-structured editor rather than an event-stream
driven tool (I don't think Java is fast enough to allow character-by-character
validation of text processing).  

We haven't had any gossip about tools on this for a long time.  I could use
a nice simple non-validating XML editor - what have people got?  And what
has happened to all the enthusiasm for setting up MIRROR sites?


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