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> XMLers:
> I'm a new member to this list so please excuse my ignorance
> of what has gone on in the past.

Don't worry!  This is an important topic and one that hasn't been discussed.
IMO editors are going to be key for certain aspects of XML.
> I'm surveying the market for XML editors for my project.

I think that there are two extremes to the spectrum  (A) the 'traditional' 
which is the one that I think you allude to - writing and editing text,
sformatting, spellchecking, etc. and (B) the new opportunities, so 
bringing in a graphics, adding an image map, adding some maths, creating a
link database, importing and converting legacy files on the fly.  (B) is
where I am aiming JUMBO at - at present it will edit the structure tree,
import new legacy data and convert on the fly but it doesn't edit text.
It will also be aimed at using NXP to validate vs the DTD.

> I know the market is in its infancy but does anyone know who
> is farthest along? The editor should:
> 1) let me add my own markup tags into a pull down menu
> 2) use a predefined template of tags (elements) to start the
>     document off
> 3) let me format those tags using a style sheet
> 4) permit editing in a WYSIWYG mode according to the
>     style sheet
> 5) be simple to use, hiding detail from the authors

Can't help in detail, but there were several promising prototypes at SGML97,
Stilo, Balise, Frame,  etc. Maybe these vendors would like to say something?


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