WORA help required

Tim Bray tbray at textuality.com
Sun Nov 30 01:19:55 GMT 1997

At 04:25 PM 29/11/97, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
>C javac/jvc
>	I have problems compiling Lark V097 under javac. It throws a compiler
>error trying to load Lark.class. (java.io.UTFDataFormatException). This
>suggest that Lark which may have been compiled with jvc (Tim?) will not
>load with javac. (I does *run* with java) 

OK, I've figured out what's going on.  Lark.java contains some 
compiled data structure, stored, for compactness, as strings.  Example:

  static final String sOCT =
      "\u003c\u0302\u3c03\u0321\u0903\u2f84\u033f\u0405\u3f07\u063f\u0807" +
      "\u3e8f\u083e\u8f09\u2d0a\u0944\u0109\u5b0e\u0a2d\u0b0b\u2d0c\u0c2d" +
      "\u0d0d\u3e8f\u0e43\u010f\u5b10\u105d\u1111\u5d12\u123e\u8f15\u3e8f" +
      "\u1550\u1615\u531b\u155b\u2116\u5501\u1822\u1f18\u2524\u1827\u1e19" +
      "\u221f\u1925\u2419\u271e\u1b59\u011d\u221f\u1d25\u241d\u271e\u1e27" +
      "\u8f1f\u228f\u203e\u8f20\u5b21\u2125\u2421\u3c27\u215d\u2222\u3e8f" +
      "\u225d\u2323\u3e21\u253b\u8f26\u3e8f\u2721\u2827\u3f04\u282d\u2d28" +
      "\u4101\u2845\u5c28\u5b29\u2925\u2429\u492a\u2a47\u012a\u4e01\u2b5b" +
      "\u212c\u5b21\u2d2d\u2e2e\u2d2f\u2f2d\u3030\u3e21\u3225\u2433\u3e21" +
      "\u3425\u2434\u3e21\u3625\u2436\u2837\u3643\u0136\u453d\u3649\u4636" +
  ... and so on for lots more.

Possibly javac detects that one or more of the characters may not be
legal per Unicode?  Or it's just tough to compile... I can repeatably force 
jvc to generate bogus code by changing the *indentation* of the stuff
above :)

I stopped using javac when I got Sun's "fastjavac" that comes with jws, 
it has never had this problem.  I'll give it a try and report.  Peter,
is the use of javac strategic to you at this time? -T.

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