SAX: Naming and Packaging (question 10 of 10)

David Megginson ak117 at
Sun Jan 4 01:51:59 GMT 1998

[SAX is a proposal for a simple, event-based XML API, using callbacks.
This is the last in a series of ten design questions that we need to
answer to implement the API.]

What package should the Java SAX belong to, and what should the
classes be named?


Ideally, it would be nice to use the 'w3c' package for SAX, but that
is probably not practical in the short term, at least.  Alternatively,
a relevant 'org' domain would be nice (anyone bought from
Internic yet?) if anyone could offer one.

For the sake of expediency, I am willing to use Microstar's namespace,

  package com.microstar.sax;

as an interim location, until we can come up with something better
(i.e. a non-"COM" namespace).  Microstar's Ælfred parser already lives
in the package 'com.microstar.xml'.

It is essential that we have unlimited control over any namespace that
we use, and that the package name be neutral enough that those
programmers with strong allegiances to the S*n, M*******t, and
N******e armed camps all feel comfortable using it.  This issue
affects only Java.


For now, I am proposing the following package names (possibly
substituting something else for 'com.microstar.sax'):

  com.microstar.sax.XmlParser		the XML parser interface
  com.microstar.sax.XmlApplication	the XML application interface
  com.microstar.sax.XmlAppBase		the application base class,
                                        or adaptor.

Other possible names include "XmlProcessor" instead of "XmlParser"
(somewhat confusing), or "XmlAdaptor" instead of "XmlAppBase"
(possibly too Java-specific).

This issue affects implementations of SAX in all programming

All the best,


David Megginson                 ak117 at
Microstar Software Ltd.         dmeggins at

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