XML Documents Are Objects! (or "Killing OO Softly With XML")

Bill la Forge b.laforge at opengroup.org
Tue Mar 10 22:28:11 GMT 1998


I've been proposing effectively the same thing on the 
java-xml-interest at opengroup.org list. 

I've been using the term COIN to express this concept--a coin has
two faces, an XML element and a Java Object. 


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>The tests for coins now successfully executes the following XML:
>    <COIN TYPE="TEST" CLASS="TestFace"/>
>    <TEST ID="HERE" XYZ="123"/>
>This is run simply with the command:
>  java ORG.opengroup.coins.Coins text4.xml
>where test4.xml contains the above document. The output from the test is:
>  XYZ=123
>The code for the coin TestFace is found at:
>  http://www.camb.opengroup.org/~laforge/axtp/src/ORG/opengroup/coins/tests/TestFace.java
>My contention is that coins are "better" than Java Beans, though it is difficult
>to make any valid determination on the basis of such a small sample size (1!).
>My intention is to begin converting AXTP to use coins.
>I further contend that my XML processor is pretty bad. The fact that it now has
>semantic support for ids and idrefs doesn't really change that. The processor
>can be found at:
>  http://www.camb.opengroup.org/~laforge/axtp/src/ORG/opengroup/coins/Coins.java
>(I've also taken care that the processor will work with signed elements, only
>recomposing those elements on output which were "dirty".)
>Dmitri and Gavin find coins to be a subset of DOM. 
>As one of the DOm WG members, I can tell you there is no conflict. You
>could use DOM for some of the things in Coins, but with a probable
>loss in performance.
>I conclude from this that the api which Dmitri referenced should be, at least in part,
>used where appropriate. (Why have needless variations?)
>You may enjoy the new coins package documentation at:
>  http://www.camb.opengroup.org/~laforge/axtp/api/Package-ORG.opengroup.coins.html
>I've also updated the AXTP zip file to include 
>this latest version of the coins package:
>  http://www.camb.opengroup.org/~laforge/axtp/#related_links
>All in all, its been a productive evening.

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