It's time for practical XML!

Simeon Simeonov simeons at
Mon Oct 5 00:30:06 BST 1998

Hi, Dave!

Here are some comments:

>We looked at WDDX and saw that it was a subset of XML-RPC.

Not really. WDDX is explicitly about not being related to RPC. It deals
specifically and only with data. There is no notion of request-response,
objects, methods, and interfaces.

As far as data is concerned, apart the fact that we expose a recordset
datatype, our datatypes are indeed similar.

>WDDX makes no statement about transport. We're going to look at supporting
>it, but we're already deploying apps that do this stuff, along with
>WebMethods and others, have been since March. Allaire still has to settle
>on a transport (we suggest HTTP).

This is done on purpose, since WDDX is only about describing data. Yes, HTTP
makes the most sense for moving data around the 'net. I recently saw an
example of a WDDX-enabled app that pulled data from an ASP and a ColdFusion
server to later display the data in MS Word. HTTP and DCOM were involved. I
also know of applications that use WDDX as a structured representation for
data they persist to databases.

>Also, XML-RPC made Infoworld back in July, along with an interesting note
>that Microsoft is somehow involved:

Yes, this was an interesting article!

>I would argue that XML is about working together. We have tremendous
>respect for Allaire. It would be wonderful if we could build applications
>that combine the capabilities of Cold Fusion and Frontier. We're inches
>away from this, and a little bit of building on each others' strengths is
>all it takes.

Absolutely. I'll contact you on a private channel.



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