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Peter Murray-Rust peter at
Thu Oct 8 20:35:21 BST 1998

At 10:34 08/10/98 -0700, David Brownell wrote:
>Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
>> There have been warnings about the complexity of registries - I assume that
>> the xml-ea1 props file is a registry?
>What do you mean by 'registry'?  Currently it's just the simplest

I am simply quoting the term :-). I assumed it was some pangalactic system
for associating names with things. Like FPIs/catalogs etc. Only here, for
classes and elements.

>convention for associating XML Beans ("XObjects") with element names;
>and since it's a flat namespace, it can't plug in to XML namespaces.
>Sometimes when folk say "registry" they mean some global database.
>I design such things out of systems every chance I get.

I agree completely. Let's get things working first and design the cosmos

>A draft I wrote up a while ago defined such bindings in XML syntax
>something like this ... 
>	<bindings>
>		<!-- a set of namespace-specific bindings -->
>		<namespace
>			uri="">
>			codebase="xmlbeans.jar"
>			>
>		    <element name="reservation">
>			<bean class="com.example.app1.Reservation"/>
>			<!-- Bean tag actually lets you define properties
>				and so on -->
>			</element>
>		    <!-- ... more element bindings in this namespace -->
>		</namespace>
>		<!-- ... more namespace-specfiic bindings -->
>	</bindings>

This looks as if it should map trivially into XSchema (Ron, Simon???)
XSchema comes out this week, I think - I'm not suggesting it should be
altered to fit this - more that this - along with help could be the first use.
>That sketch omits two important features:  (a) importing bindngs
>defined for other namespaces, (b) document-specific bindings, such
>as for the "default" namespace or embedded in a document.

XSchema suggestions?

Looks very promising...


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