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Lars Marius Garshol larsga at
Tue Oct 20 10:13:35 BST 1998

* RJA at
| I've been recently testing my XML C++ parser against J Clarks XML test
| cases. 

I've been away for a couple of weeks, so I seem to have missed this. Is it
released somewhere?

| <!DOCTYPE doc [
| <!ELEMENT doc (#PCDATA)>
| ]>
| <doc><?pi some data ? > <??></doc>
| On the 4th line, the second PI has no name, which according to the spec is
| not valid.  Is this valid ? Is it even a PI ? Have I overlooked something
| in the spec !?!?!

You've overlooked something in the document, more likely. :-)

<doc><?pi some data ? > <??></doc>
     ^^                   ^^
  start                  end

In other words: there's just one PI, not two. :-)

If you look at production 16 in the spec you'll see that WS is not
allowed between the ? and the > that closes a PI, while individual
?s and >s are allowed in the PI data.

| Whilst on the subject of test cases, are there any more XML testbeds I
| could use too ?

James Tauber has a list at 


--Lars M.

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