XML-data for defining schemas

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  I am trying to write my own schemas using the Xml-data schema provided by
Microsoft. I use the following lines
  <Schema xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-data"

  to refer to the XML-data. When I try to use the validation feature, for
example put a string to an element whose type has been declared as an int, I
cannot see an error from IE5. Shouldn't I?

  No. Validation is switched off when loading an XML document into IE5. You
need to create the parser object, set "validateOnParse" to TRUE and then
load the document to get the validation working. And this actually only
works for document.load, not for document.loadXML.

  So, I feel that my schema cannot use the features of the XML-data of

  Yes, see above.

  If so, HOW?
  I would be very glad to hear some opinions, because I am working on my
project for the university and it is very urgent to know whether or not I
can use the XML-data technology is writing schemas.

  Yes, you can, it's just not as easy as it might be. For instance you can
use Microsoft's XML notepad and configure it to "validateOnParse". You will
then get the validation error you are looking for when loading a document...

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