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Tue Aug 31 09:28:31 BST 1999


    I am a beginner in XML. I am currently developing a online payment system ( like GIRO). Therefore, I need to use EDI and I use XML to develope my own EDI. However, what I read so far is that I will have all my data in XML file and the format I want the data to be will be in XSL file. Then, I use a XSL processor to change them into HTML file.

    For my system, I need to access data from a few different databases ( databases of different service providers like water supply company, electricity supplier....). My question is how can I access these data from the database and change them into XML file so that I can format this data using XSL and let my customer view the format that I set for them. 

    Another thing, if I don't want to use a XSL processor to change my XML document into HTML form, is there other way to change the XML to HTML? Where can I get the information for this.

    Thank you for your precious information and help. Thank you.


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