Distributed Computing at WWW9

Dave Winer dave at userland.com
Sat Jul 10 16:17:16 BST 1999

I was named Co-Chair for the Developer's Day "Distributed Computing on the 
Web" track at WWW9 in Amsterdam next May. My fellow chair is Annrai O'Toole 
of Iona, an expert on CORBA. I guess XML-RPC is being acknowledged. Thanks!


We're in the Call for Participation stage, which means that if you have 
work related to Distributed Computing on the Web that you would like to 
present to developers at WWW9, now is the time to start thinking and get 
ready to answer the call soon. I'm a newbie at chairing for a technical 
conference, but I'm looking forward to the experience, and creating an 
informative and productive experience for the people attending and speaking 
at WWW9 on this subject.

Another announcement, we've started a web-based discussion group at 
XML-RPC.COM. This request came from a few people, the rollover rate at 
discuss.userland.com is high enough that the XML-RPC messages were getting 
lost. Now we'll have a place to present new ideas that's just for XML-RPC. 
We plan to post some specs for a couple of protocols in the next few weeks, 
one to enable a "network computing" model for desktop text editing tools 
(ie WPs, outliners, spreadsheets, etc.) and another for a distributed user 
preferences system. It makes sense that XML-RPC become its own interactive 
venue, so now we've made that possible:


Still diggin!

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