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Anand Raman anandram at wipsys.soft.net
Mon Nov 1 09:27:04 GMT 1999

Hi guys
Sorry to have been out of this discussion for some time , but i we were having holidays here
Thomas the code which u wrote works in my IE too. But that was not my problem .. I had
duplicate elements in the DTD and i was trying to use namespaces to overcome this. However IE
required a explicit namespace attribute definition in the DTD wherever i used exp: .Anyway the
problem was solved after incoporatiing this.

I am attaching the relevant portions of the xml and DTD file here .
The problem was occuring when i had not used line number 8 and 12 respectively in the DTD ..
After incorporating these lines IE 5 is displaying the XML file

Thanx a lot for all the help
Anand Raman

"Thomas B. Passin" wrote:

> From: Mark Birbeck <Mark.Birbeck at iedigital.net>
> > Thomas B. Passin wrote:
> > > My version of IE5 does not need to have the namespace
> > > declared as a #FIXED attribute
> >
> > Please send me a copy of it, or tell me where you downloaded it from.
> >
> > Just joking, but I disagree, Thomas. This was discussed a while back in
> > relation to XHTML, when I seriously fell out of love with Microsoft.
> Probably before I joined the list.
> Just to be complete even though you said you were joking, I just rechecked
> using my copy of IE5.  The XML with DTD works even though there is no
> namespace attribute declared in the DTD.  My exact version of IE5 is
>     5.00.2614.3500, 128 bit
>     update versions q231452, q231450
> The actual xml document I tested is the following, based on Anand Raman's
> original mailing:
> =========================================================================
> DOCTYPE experience[
> <!ELEMENT experience (project+)>
> <!ELEMENT project
> (title,employer?,client?,duration?,team?,position?,description?,contribution
> ?)>
> ]>
> <experience xmlns:exp="http://www.angelfire.com/ar/diduknow/experience">
>  <project>
>    <exp:title>Management Information Systems</exp:title>
>    <employer>Infotech ESD</employer>
>    <client>Finance Department</client>
>    <exp:duration>till date</exp:duration>
>   </project>
> </experience>
> ==========================================================================
> When I say that "it works", I mean that IE5 displays the document text and
> does not give any error messages.
> > If you convert HTML to nice neat XHTML and then try to use a reference
> > to the DTDs supplied by W3C you get errors. The W3C DTDs do not define
> > the namespace attribute as fixed, and MS in their wisdom have said you
> > must. No-one has explained why, and there is little justification for
> The W3C namespace recommendation does say that if you use a DTD you have to
> declare the namespace.  It also says that the namespace declaration can be
> established by the default value for the (namespace) attribute.  This
> implies that you may optionally declare its value in the DTD (#FIXED would
> also be optional), and then you would not have to specify the namespace when
> you actually write an element.  But my version of IE5 insists on needing the
> namespace declaration in the element event if the DTD declares it as #FIXED!
> Also, the Recommendation says that element and attribute name declared in
> the DTD must be qualified.  Again, my copy of IE5 differs, since it would
> not allow the qualification in the DTD.
> Christopher R. Maden is right when he said that the above example for IE5
> would not validate against the Recommendations, but it does work with my
> IE5.
> So I don't bother using IE5's xml or xsl capabilities.  It's not worth it
> even for use as a learning tool, you have to unlearn too much.
> > it, so the only solution is to remove the DTD reference - and of course
> > you no longer technically have valid XHTML!!!!!!
> >
> > Damn. I was doing so well. My therapist is going to be very
> > disappointed.
> >
> > Mark
> >
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