Special characters in XSL pattern strings

Ben Berck BBerck at ESPS.com
Fri Nov 19 20:48:51 GMT 1999

I am trying to execute the following string using IE5 XML DOM's
TAG[@PATH = "C:\test.txt" ]

This doesn't work, even though XML DOM returns that exact value for the
pattern: "TAG[0]/@PATH"

Other queries work, as long as they don't have a colon in them.

I tried encoding the : and . with : and ..  Didn't work.

I am currently using a work around.  Any news on this problem?

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Len Bullard wrote:
> suggested to the EDI committees that markup was preferable, it was
> dimissed as an irrelevant text format.  When I was at the PDES meetings
> when SGML was first considered, it was only as a string alternative
> to the somewhat byzantine document model they were building.  No, Paul,
> two things made the EDI folks take it seriously:  

The "EDI folks" are not the drivers of electronic commerce. GM is
partnered with CommerceONE and Ford is partnered with Oracle. The EDI
people are merely falling into line.

> Common LISP comes to mind.  S-expressions, as Dan Connoly told me, are
> the highest form.  Why not LISP?  Well, because HTML wasn't written
> in LISP.  As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

LISP S-expressions have three problems:

 * even more stigma than SGML
 * as you say, angle brackets were king
 * no schema language

But yes, if Microsoft had backed s-expressions, XML would not be where
it is today. And nobody would be whining that XML is way too large and
complicated for many applications. That might be a good thing.
DSSSL-style S-expressions would be MUCH better for representing property
relationships than XML is, and property relationships are pretty central
to e-commerce and all sorts of machine to machine communication.

SML people: think on this.

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