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Wed Feb 2 07:04:45 GMT 2000

Lajos Moczar wrote:
> Yes, but I think the point is that when you use GPL components in your
> commercial products your products are thereby GPL-ed. If you want to
> protect your commercial source code, components with straight GPL licenses
> won't work.

I'm aware of what it means to include GPL'd code, ergo my comment
about goals.  Commercial != closed-source unless you believe what
Sun has to say about such issues.  Both closed and open source options
exist ... and there's a clear trend of late to use the latter unless
there's some compelling issue (e.g. external licences, patents, etc)
that precludes such choices. 

- Dave

> David Brownell wrote:
> >Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
> >>
> >> I don't know what programming language you use, but chances are you
> >> will find a parser written in it at:
> >>
> >> <URL: >
> >>
> >> The licenses of the free parsers vary. Some have BSD-ish licenses
> >> (which means you can use them), while others use the GPL, which means
> >> that you can't use them in a commercial product.
> >
> >You can use GPL software in commercial products.  Look at all the
> >Linux vendors, for example.  Depends on the goals of your product.
> >
> Lajos Moczar
> Galatea IS Inc.

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