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Here is a snippet of the site map from one of the sites I have recently
built :

  <language name="french"
    title="AAE / Maison de la détection : Tarif TTC"
    short_title="Tarif TTC"
  <language name="english"
    title="AAE / Maison de la détection : Price list (VAT included)"
    short_title="Price list VAT included"

With this information, I can use in my xml source files (transformed
through XSLT) logical links like :

<link page="cz5" src="/images/cz5.jpg" width="300" height="223"/>

where page is the attribute specifying the logical name and the language
is, by default, the "current" language.

These links are transformed into HTML links to the physical page having
the specified name for the current language.

For my new sites, I'd like to do the same kind of features using less
proprietary structures.

Using your TOC pattern, it could be something like :

<topic name="food" lang="en" xlink:title="Road runner food" 
	xlink:type="simple" xlink:href="Product/food.html"/`> 
<topic name="food" lang="fr" xlink:title="L'alimentation de road runner" 
	xlink:type="simple" xlink:href="Produits/alimentation.html"/`> 

This would allow to define, using a namespace to define, something like 

<link ref="food"> which would generate the link for the current language
or <link ref="food" lang="fr"> which would force the language to

I hope this is clearer (and in the scope of TOC pattern ;)



BTW: Is there any additional resources about XLINK to help understanding
the specification ?

Didier PH Martin wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Thanks for the comment about the namespace identifier. I am actually adding
> a schema and a namespace document encoded with a format we are designing
> with James Tauber and Francois Beauregard.
> Can you expand more on your suggestion about the logical identifier.
> thanks
> Didier PH Martin
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> Hi,
> I am building a web site which I'd like to be show case of XML
> technologies ;=) and I have read with great interest your Table of
> Content Pattern which can be used as a site map.
> I'd like to suggest to add an identifier to the topic element.
> I may have missed something, but I haven't found in either XLINK or the
> TOC Pattern a mechanism to address a resource without using a URI which
> is dependent of the physical layout of the site.
> As a web designer, I'd prefer (at least during the design phase...) to
> be able to use logical identifiers which are independent of the physical
> layout.
> It could be done by adding a "name" attribute to the topic entity.
> Thanks
> Eric

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