Mixed-content use-cases and questions

Clark C. Evans clark.evans at manhattanproject.com
Wed Jan 12 03:57:52 GMT 2000

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Tim Bray wrote:
> >1.  Are there any use cases besides HTML
> >    for mixed content?
> Virtually every document- or publishing-oriented 
> application in the world.  

Let me re-phrase this.  Are there examples of mixed-model 
use-cases, where one DTD does not have mixed-content, 
and a subordinate/contained DTD (ANY) does use mixed-content.

For example, often times people put HTML inside eCommerce 
"description" fields, texts which are otherwise free of 
mixed content. (Hence the modular  XHTML effort)

Anyway, I feel stupid for not phrasing the question
correctly... I even did some SGML publishing work 
3 years back using Omnimark.  So sorry.
> >2.  For modular XHTML, could a <xhtml:plain>
> >    element be included that eliminates 
> >    the need for mixed-content?
> Sure.  Why would this be better? -Tim

Well, the proposal is, in-essence, what the DOM model 
of XML does for all content -- however,  given that XHTML 
will most likely be machine generated anyway; this 
little tweak would allow a non-mixed content API to 
be useable for eCommerce work.  Moving XHTML into
the "special case" category.

So, I guess I was really trying to ask:

1.  How common is mixed model XML usage, where
    a mixed-content DTD is used as a subordinate
    document to a non-mixed-content model.

2.  Would it make sense to allow include 
    <xhtml:plain> as a no-op for cases where
    xhtml mixed-content is included in eCommerce
    non-mixed content.


Also, about 
So.  I was wondering if XHTML should be

This is in-essence what the DOM model does for all content, and it makes
hard for strict non-mixed use cases.

So, I was wondering if XHTML should 
not assume mixed-content

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