Mixed-content use-cases and questions

Marcus Carr mrc at allette.com.au
Wed Jan 12 05:11:36 GMT 2000

"Clark C. Evans" wrote:

> Let me re-phrase this.  Are there examples of mixed-model
> use-cases, where one DTD does not have mixed-content,
> and a subordinate/contained DTD (ANY) does use mixed-content.

Yes, in my experience this is still quite common. For example, I'm currently working on a
system that relies on assembling fragments in different configurations to produce new
products. The top level is never mixed content - it's just a collection of elements that
are DOCTYPEs when they're created. These elements certainly might not themselves contain
mixed content, but there is every possibility that an element further down the tree will.
Perhaps we're just looking at this from different perspectives, but I'd be surprised if
you could substantially reduce the possibility of mixed content without protest.

> 2.  Would it make sense to allow include
>     <xhtml:plain> as a no-op for cases where
>     xhtml mixed-content is included in eCommerce
>     non-mixed content.

Wouldn't that be kind of a modern-day <blink>? It's hard to see any benefit for anything
except SML.


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