Thanks! (Was: Mixed-content use-cases and questions)

Clark C. Evans clark.evans at
Wed Jan 12 16:43:37 GMT 2000

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Marcus Carr wrote:
> > Let me re-phrase this.  Are there examples of mixed-model
> > use-cases, where one DTD does not have mixed-content,
> > and a subordinate/contained DTD (ANY) does use mixed-content.
> Yes, in my experience this is still quite common. For example, I'm 
> currently working on a system that relies on assembling fragments in
> different configurations to produce new products. The top level is 
> never mixed content - it's just a collection of elements that
> are DOCTYPEs when they're created. These elements certainly might 
> not themselves contain mixed content, but there is every possibility
> that an element further down the tree will.  Perhaps we're just looking
> at this from different perspectives, but I'd be surprised if
> you could substantially reduce the possibility of mixed content 
> without protest.

	Cool.  It appears as if mixed-content is, without a 
	doubt, "here to stay" (tm). And in this case, a <xhtml:plain>
        element is really going to be rather useless.  Thank you
        all for taking time to convince me that this is the case.  


;) Clark

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