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>Barry van Oven wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> I would like to get a general overview of the people on this list with
>> regards to their expertise, general and specific knowledge areas, and
>> bordering expertises.
>> Could you, if you have both the time and the will, just send a simple
>> message to the entire list stating this information?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Barry van Oven
>> Webmaster
>> Technical support
>> Knowledge Development
>> Baan Development
>> _______________________________________________
>> XML mailing list
>> XML at
>> Subscription Management at:

I seem to have missed this original posting, but is *** totally
inappropriate for XML-DEV at this stage***

There are > 1500 subscribers on XML-DEV and if everyone posted it would
result in 2,250,000 mail messages being sent over the Internet.(apart from
the inevitable flames asking people to shut up). 

Whatever the motivation, there
are relatively few occasions when it is appropriate to ask list members to
post **to the list**. Whenever XML-DEV has 
initiated something and the number of requests gets large, the poster
almost always asks for the discussion to be taken offline ("please mail me
rather than the list").


	(XML-DEV "moderator")

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