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At 12:15 AM 1/17/00 +0000, Edd Dumbill wrote:
>David Brownell's conformance testing using the NIST/OASIS test suite may
>be of some help here (see
><> and 
><>) although several of
>the tools tested have had new releases since the time of testing.
>The output of his test runs show a comprehensive report, e.g. see
> for the
>results for XP.

Yes indeed - I found this extremely useful. [I was also concerned at the 
relatively low conformance of some tools...] I always take XP as the gold
This is fine when the tools allow interchange of parsers (e.g. SAX-based) but
some are more hardwired.

>Also, see recent threads on this list concerning the recently published
>XML 1.0 errata and their bearing on the NIST/OASIS test suite.  (There
>is an XMLhack story with links to the relevant messages, see

>> Henry and I are obviously keen to show that XML is simple to use with the
>> correct tools and that interoperability is achievable. 
>It is perhaps a little unfortunate that you're having to put effort into
>showing this. However, it is my impression that most XML parser vendors
>are taking XML 1.0 compliance seriously.

I think they are. The question of exactly what a validating and non-validating
parsers should do has caused a great deal of discussion in the past and 
I am not clear whether it has been settled.

>It also sets off an interesting train of enquiry. Aside from David's
>conformance tests, how many other people have tried to prove parser
>interoperability in development or production situations, and with what

Yes. We provide a range of tools and documents which behave OK, but if someone
uses a tool we haven't used we don't want to have to tackle fuzzy questions
at an early


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