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Mon Jan 17 14:44:05 GMT 2000

At 12:59 PM 1/16/00 -0800, Lee Anne Phillips wrote:
>With all respect, I think the lack of resources are the fault of the W3C 
>membership policies, which seem designed to strongly discourage individuals 
>and small organizations and businesses from participating in the process. 
>US$5000 for an Affiliate Membership is beyond the reach of most of us and 
>of many small businesses since that's in addition to the value of the time 
>spent on the process itself.
>Whether this policy is because the big players want negotiations to go on 
>in secret (and secrecy is inherent in the W3C structure so it can't be an 
>accident) or because W3C just can't be bothered with the "little people" is 
>a matter of speculation.

Let's try and drop any "W3C as a grand conspiracy" visions quickly....

Quite frankly, the "little people" argument just doesn't hold water (have
you looked at the membership list lately? Lots of "little people"). 

The HTML Writers Guild paid our $5000 dues when our annual budget was only
in the mid 5 figures, so I have very little sympathy for arguments of "too
expensive". It's a choice. If you want to be a part of the process and make
a difference, you make the choice to do so. If you're not willing, then you
have little room to complain. As always, individuals can be a part of the
process as invited experts..

And the "resources" Tim was (most likely)  referring to are W3C paid
resources -- staff members, engineers, etc.  Those aren't free. They could
raise dues for the vast majority of memberships (the affiliates), but then
we'd just hear more exclusionary ranting, so....


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