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Didier PH Martin martind at
Mon Jan 17 16:11:51 GMT 2000

Hi Ann,

Ann said:
The HTML Writers Guild paid our $5000 dues when our annual budget was only
in the mid 5 figures, so I have very little sympathy for arguments of "too
expensive". It's a choice. If you want to be a part of the process and make
a difference, you make the choice to do so. If you're not willing, then you
have little room to complain. As always, individuals can be a part of the
process as invited experts..

And the "resources" Tim was (most likely)  referring to are W3C paid
resources -- staff members, engineers, etc.  Those aren't free. They could
raise dues for the vast majority of memberships (the affiliates), but then
we'd just hear more exclusionary ranting, so....

Didier reply:
By the way Ann, how many member do W3 actually has? more than 1000, 2000,
Let's say that it has 1000 members, so, 1000 X 5000$ = 5 000 000$.
Now how many people are on the permanent staff now? 100? 200?

How much money W3C put on PR?

I know, except for the number of members I'll never get these numbers, but
is w3c really lacking resources? like a guy said couple century ago in
Denmark (yes in fantasy land) To have or not to have, that is the question.
Ok I changed it a bit :-)) I should have said has it, has it not, that is
the question ( that is if hamlet was living in modern capitalist times :-))

Sorry, its Monday morning and generally I am not too serious on Monday
morning :-))

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