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YEs - I've seen this demo'd, extracting from Oracle as XML to an XML Object
in an IE5 webpage which then uses JavaScript to write XSL into a 2nd
memory-resident XML object.  The XSL then transforms the XML into an SMTP
format which JavaScript then back to the server where it is outputted as a
pager message.  In actual fact, for your purposes JavaScript is overkill
unless you want to display in a web page.  You're better off using XSL to
transform the source XML output into the appropriate format for your
destination database.  XSL is easier to use and less bug-ridden than
JavaScript anyway.  You'll need a processor to support and run XSL, which
isn't easy to find.  I use JavaScript myself to do this simply because it's
around & works (sorta).  It only requires a couple of lines of code in
JavaScript to do this.  There's a little demo of using XSL with JavaScript
on our website at http://www.internet-etc.com/courses/xml/xsl/xslfset.htm.

Brandt Dainow
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>Is it possible to extract data out of a database and format in
>XML using Javascript?
>Is this a crazy thought?  I have only been looking at XML for
>a couple of days and I have a
>assignment quickly approaching need a High Level Explantion of
>if it is possible to extract info
>out of one database, put in XML format, transfer to another
>database.  HELP!
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