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Didier PH Martin martind at
Thu Jan 20 17:08:09 GMT 2000

Hi Steven,

Statistics from:
 Browser Flavors                  Hosts     %
  1. Microsoft                     7245  60.3
  2. Netscape                      4332  36.1
  3. other                          436   3.6
Microsoft Explorer Versions
 Version                     MSIE Hosts     %
  1. v5                            4581  63.2
  2. v4                            2330  32.2
  3. v3                             213   2.9
  4. v2                             116   1.6
  5. other                            5    .1

Didier replies:
Sounds like there is an already  good number of XML aware browsers in the
field. So the XML-Developers have now an opportunity to join the XML-DEV
optimist party and provide some XML content to be delivered to their
customers :-))

Thanks to Steven and Miles for the links, if anyone has other link to
browsers numbers, I try to do some number crunching for the XML-DEV optimist
party members :-)))

Seriously, we can make the reasonable inference that this year will have an
new IE browser release and probably the first release of the Mozilla group
XML browser. This means that we'll have then the second generation Microsoft
XML browsers  and the first generation XML openSource browser to reach the
market. So, maybe the year 2001 will be the year where the monolith will
appear for XML (remember the Stanley Kubrick's movie- 2001 space odyssey?).
But don't say that to the XML-DEV conservative party members :-))) just
kidding :-))

Didier PH Martin
Email: martind at
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