XML for 3D geometry and objects

Betty L. Harvey harvey at eccnet.eccnet.com
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	I think Vector Markup Language is designed to provide 3D
graphics.  There is also some work being done to translate UML to XML but
I haven't been following this effort to see if they are considering
3D modelling.  

	You may be interested in looking at the work that Mark Roberts
from Infosphere (http://www.infosphere-inc.com) is doing for 3D
graphics in SGML.  They have developed a 3D graphic editor and plug-in
component for browsers that display the graphics.  They took a different
approach than VML.  Their solution is pretty impressive.  They are able
to import all CGM files from most of the CAD vendors that I am aware
of.  That in itself it impressive.  It is worth taking a look at their
approach and their product (Topaz).  

	Regarding Hugh's paper on Information Objects, the
STEP community decided to take another approach.  They are now looking
at binding Express with XML.  

	Last month I was in Kiruna, Sweden.  I met a group that was
looking at creating Tactile Maps for blind and visually handicapped
individuals.  There are currently no standards for creating Tactile Maps.  
They were also looking into the possibility of using XML.  I think that
XML is a great approach for this problem.  I have been trying to get some
of my U.S. contacts interested in helping support this effort to help them
provide a global standard.

	Hope this helps a little.


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On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Jean-Marc Vanel wrote:

> Hello
> I'm investigating syntaxes and formats for CAD (Computer Aided Design)
> data: IGES, STEP, etc. Apparently no XML thing exists in this field.
> Maybe use W3C's MathML vocabulary to express Bezier and NURBS algebra,
> together with a vocabulary borrowed from STEP.
> I looked at viewpoint.com's Interchange(tm) 5.5 software which "is
> robust 3D file format translation software which converts 3D models to
> and from more than 40 formats".
> The interesting thing here is that there is SO MANY  3D file formats to
> convert from, and also that 3D for image generation and visualization
> (e.g. Wavefront, 3D Studio )  is a different world from 3D for CAD.
> This is a typical domain where XML would bring benefits. Hierarchical
> structure,  material and its properties, colors, textures, mapping,
> transformations, are all features that can be added by some processors
> and ignored by others, while being kept. This is also a domain where
> mixed vocabulary XML will appear very naturally.
> And we need something like this for our plant descriptions!
> I found an article "SGML Documentation Objects within the STEP
> Environment, by Hugh  Tucker", but I don't know where this project is.
> Cheers
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