XML for 3D geometry and objects

Len Bullard cbullard at hiwaay.net
Fri Jan 21 05:08:38 GMT 2000

Betty L. Harvey wrote:
> Jean-Marc:
>         I think Vector Markup Language is designed to provide 3D
> graphics.  There is also some work being done to translate UML to XML but
> I haven't been following this effort to see if they are considering
> 3D modelling.

SVG is 2D.  I know 3D has been discussed but not much more. 

For 3D in XML, go to the Web3D consortium and look at the X3D project. 
This is 
VRML (real time 3D) and will provide an XML encoding.  Several 
vendors have already implemented prototype players for you 
to work with complete with API.  The set of geometric elements 
ranges from indexed face sets, primitives, and NURBS.  I'd suggest 
some experiments with Blaxxun3D.

X3D drafts are being completed at this time.  There are still 
hiccups in the scene graph particularly with the mapping of 
nodes and fields to elements and attributes.  Since X3D must 
be extensible internally, PROTOs are still being debated.  
That said, X3D will be in workable shape by Siggraph.  If 
you have an interest in 3D in XML, I suggest you join the 
            x3d-contributors at web3d.org

list and dive right in.  There is also a good open source 
group working here, collboration with the MPEG4 community, 
and so forth.

Len Bullard

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