Alternatives to the W3C

Dave Winer dave at
Fri Jan 21 15:15:02 GMT 2000

So much heat!

Is it passion or fear?

Here's the truth, as best as I can express it.

There are lots of different webs.

WAP phones, Lynx, Geocities, Homestead, Linux, SlashDot, XML, eBay, WebTV,
AOL, News.Com, NYTimes.Com, Vignette, PornCity, PHP, Wiki, Zope, Mozilla,
Manila, and on and on.

Apples and oranges, but each one says the web is something different.

To the XML-DEV crowd, huddled around the security blanket of W3C, it's an
illusion. Some still think this is the center of the universe. It is not. It
is a little cul-de-sac of people who like to believe they are where it's

You're all getting so riled up because:

1. A random developer did something cool that works in MSIE5 but crashes

2. I pointed to it in a favorable way.

Pardon me, but in the big scheme of things, BFD.


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