R: interesting data point on preferred computers/browser types

Lee Anne Phillips leeanne at leeanne.com
Fri Jan 21 22:48:32 GMT 2000

Although I'm an advocate for accessibility in ADA terms, since the language 
of "must" is the only one some people understand and common decency is 
sometimes easier to grasp than failure of understanding, accessibility 
means much more than that, as Ann correctly points out. It is, in fact, the 
key to new services for everyone as well as full coverage of existing 
users, many of whom are exactly the power users with influence and money 
that vendors desire to reach and who prefer Unix in almost any flavor to 
Windows (as any sensible person would), or don't want to use a mouse (as 
anyone with concern for body mechanics would be), or any of a myriad of 
very good reasons not to use the "standard" MSIE on Intel flavor of the month.

Just anecdotally, I prefer Opera for several reasons, and have a boatload 
of the latest platforms and browsers on my desktop (or nearby) to choose from.

At Friday 1/21/00 02:32 PM -0500, Ann Navarro wrote:
>There is a perception in some portions of the industry, as displayed on
>this list, that only people with significant deficits of one form or
>another -- those that are too 'poor' to upgrade a system, are disabled, or
>confined to university dumb terminals, or whatever -- that only those
>people are the ones that don't use the latest and greatest systems.
>Anecdotal evidence suggests that the not only DO people outside of those
>demographics use less than the latest system/browser, but that many do it
>by choice (the highly debatable "that's just because vt100 terminals are
>next to the window" or not).
>Bottom line point: assumptions about users needs/desires based on the
>developer or industry's own habits is almost always a bad viewpoint.

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