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Tyler Baker tyler at
Sat Jan 22 02:48:40 GMT 2000

Ann Navarro wrote:

> At 08:25 PM 1/20/00 -0500, Tyler Baker wrote:
> >As for surfing the internet on cell-phones and other hand-held devices? Give
> >me a break.
> >Maybe for checking a few sports scores or some stock quotes or a few text
> >messages, but
> >browsing web sites?
> Sure, it's done all the time. Today, quite often by power users and
> business elite, but it's growing. And it's not that hard.
> Take a look at for a view of the web from a
> palm-style WinCE device. (Quislet being the machine name of that device)

In terms of the kind of content you can display, that is pretty limiting. Really I
am not impressed at all. Looks like something for reading a few lines of text,
just like the other PDA's I have seen.

IMHO, until display technology catches up with chip technology, PDA's are always
going to be of very limiting value. Yah they are cool gadgets to show at trade
shows, but if I really needed to see some important information, I would take the
time to sit down at a computer or else hook in my notebook and get what I want on
a screen capable of displaying something with a monitor resolution better than
that of the TRS-80.


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